Please learn french !!! News are much fresher in french....:-P

Of ik in nederland de translatie doen !

Why does Hélène decided to make an English version of the web site ?…

  • Pictures of the "wedding trip" are available here
  • Pictures of the weddind are available here
  • It's time to tell if you come or not !! (Hopefully the answer is YES...?) (april)
  • The first trying of the dress was done on 19-20 february. Now all the fabrics have been choosen. The next and final try is planned for 24-25 april.
  • The design of the dress is finished (or almost) and Emma the little mouse is playing needle and cissor.(february)
  • The wedding-card is in preparation, we already have the main drawing perfectly design by Kristel Littlepen. We send it to you as it's ready.(january)
  • We have the official hour of the official wedding in the official city hall of Lorient.

It's easy to remember : 15:15 the 15th of May (the 15th month of the year, of course)

Everything might gonna begin there.