What do we offer you for your wedding ?

First, the better present for us will be: YOU !  


  Then, you can contribuate to our weeding trip : we are thinking about going to Spain (a little trunk will be in good place at the weeding place for this use).


That would be the better contribution that you can give to our young married's wealth.  


  But because we know that some of you will want anyway offer a little present, here is a little list of what we like to inspire you : 


Love, pumkin-chestnut soup, recycled paper, seaweed, forest walks, kiss and stones (sorry in french this "bisous et cailloux" sounds great together;-), the smile of wrinkled old women, nature, colors, trees, stroop-wafels, light, musics, good bread, photos, little spoon on the nose, the moon, wood, chocolate aerial, pieces of rafia, basket of vegetable, essential oils, art craft, bycicle, hurdy-gurdy, stars nights, waves, biological products, friends ....etc

We try also very soon to add some more precise ideas...