What's the program ?

15h :Meeting point in front of the city hall of Lorient : don't be late !!! 


15h15 :We enter the city hall and we be carefull not to mistake with the other wedding before (there is already one at 15h) ...

And we celebrate Hélène and Jérémie's wedding !! Youpeeee !!


Vive les mariés !!


15h30 : We go out from the city hall (yes, it's already finished... ! some others are waiting to be maried !! )

And we go to Kerfléau :

Hélène and Jérémie by bycicle (probably).


The others : also in bycicle, we would like everybody doing diliiiiiiing diliiiiiing with bycicle bells !!


And the others together in cars : we have to complete the cars because there is not too much places to park 150 cars in Kerfléau.

Those who doesn't have any way of going there, let it know

for example ask for :covoiturage.





Eerybody is in Kerfléau.

We are going to do our own spiritual ceremony.


It will also be the time for shows, animations... etc



 20h It's time to eat a lot of good biological and vegetarians things :-) 

And again some songs, animations etc....

And dance ! And play music ! And laugh ! And dance again.....

All night if you want....